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NEW Special Free School in Harrow Proposal


To meet the growing demand Harrow Council are proposing that there is a new special free school opened in Harrow. The key features are:

  • There will be 120 places from 3 to 19 years of age, an ‘all age school’.
  • The school will meet the needs of pupils with severe and complex needs with autism.
  • The school will be an integral element in the landscape of local special educational needs provision in Harrow. It will complement and enhance an established provision.
  • There will be a strong partnership and collaboration across the special and mainstream schools particularly between Kingsley and Woodlands which make provision for the same needs. We would expect there to be joint planning and flexibility across these schools to ensure pupils’ needs are met most effectively.
  • Pupils will have access to a broad and balanced curriculum that will have robust planning around transition and a clear pathway to adulthood with opportunities for independence and employment wherever possible.
  • The school will be expected to contribute to the development of the Post 19 five-day offer within the SEND Strategy and there will be a close interface with Adult Social Care and colleges.
  • The Local Authority will work with the school, health and therapy providers to ensure that services are commissioned to support pupils across all schools efficiently.
  • The school will work in close partnership with parents and families to support their children’s learning and development from an early age.
  • Harrow works closely with Harrow Parents for Disabled Children (HP4DC) and increasingly with the voluntary sector. We would seek to develop this further with the new school, Trust and parents.
  • Harrow is working with the voluntary sector and across the Council to create opportunities for new services and facilities for families. For example, the development of short breaks. The new school would be part of this and engaged fully in this way of working.
  • Our aspiration is that over time, in partnership with the voluntary sector and other providers, the school would be a community base for a range of activities operating before and after school and during the school holidays for their pupils and families and for the wider community.
  • A site will be identified for the school and through the free school programme, there will be an appropriate teaching and learning environment with other facilities and accommodation to ensure that the school is a vibrant learning community.


Read the Carers in Harrow Joint Commissioning Strategy 

Download the document HERE: Carers in Harrow Strategy revised v5 (002)


The provision of short breaks through a framework enables children and young people with disabilities to access to a variety of fun and exciting activities whilst providing their parent/carer with a break from caring so that they can spend more time with other family members, pursue their own interests both educationally and socially or just provide them with time to relax.

After consultation with parents/carers and children and young people, a competitive tendering process took place and 8 providers delivering a variety of activities have been awarded a contract to be part of the Short Breaks Framework until 30th June 2022.  The providers are:

Specialist group-based play and leisure activities

  • DARE
  • Harrow Mencap
  • Norwood
  • Kids Can Achieve

Community-Based Provision

  • CF Support Services Ltd
  • DARE
  • KIDS
  • Sense
  • Surecare Harrow and Watford
  • Kids Can Achieve

More details of the activities available and information on short breaks can be found on

The Harrow Learning Disability Health and Social Care Focus Group were set up to represent all ages.

This Focus Group, which is working on behalf of all individuals of all ages with a learning disability and their carers living in Harrow, held it’s first meeting on July 25th 2018 at Harrow Clinical Commissioning Group ( Harrow CCG)  Headquarters. This is an official Group which has been fully supported by the Harrow Health and Well-Being Board. It is represented by individuals with a learning disability and their carers, Harrow CCG, the Local Authority, and Local Health Trusts, who are joining together to identify health and social care issues thereby promoting solutions and action plans. It is also an opportunity to share information about any changes or future developments in Health and Social Care Services.

More information to follow soon.

Find out more about the Launch of the new Harrow 0-19yrs Health Visiting and School Nursing Service.

The contracts for both Health Visiting and School Nursing in Harrow transferred to the new provider, CNWL NHS Trust, under a combined 0-19 Service on 1 July 2018. You are invited to come to the official launch of the new service, find out more about what they do and meet the staff. The Health Visiting Service delivers the healthy child programme including well-baby clinics and undertaking child health reviews and breastfeeding peer support groups. The primary location for delivery of the service is Children Centres, Milmans Children’s Health Hub, Health centres and education settings. Each GP surgery has a named health visitor. The School Nursing service identifies and supports the health needs of school-aged children. Each school has a named nurse to make sure schools get the best advice to meet their pupils’ needs.

Read more HERE: Health Visiting and nursing service launch

Find out about our vision for inclusive and accessible play areas in Harrow HERE: Help us build the DREAM!